What is Axxis & Drums?

Axxis & Drums is a unique musical collaboration of DJ, Gery Duyck (ex DJ with Les Mecs)
and drummer Maxim Greant. 

Over the years many musical instruments have been used to add an extra dimension to a DJ set. When it comes to drums, most people think about a live drum band or a cover band…

While preparing a big
fraternity party (March 2010) at the Free University of Brussels (VUB) they came to
the unique idea to add live percussion to a DJ performance.

Axxis & Drums is a unique live concept in which drum and percussion are combined with
house and dance music.

The extra energy, the surprising music set and the show element makes it 
the perfect act to rock your party or event!

Initially marketed as Les Mecs & Drums, the concept is now only available as
Axxis & Drums.

What can you expect?

Every show of Axxis & Drums is unique! Although many (live)bands like to work with pre-programmed sets or playlists, Axxis & Drums adapts to your party and brings it up to a revolutionary party atmosphere!

The most important is the dynamic energy between party people, DJ and drummer! To accomplish this mission they meet regularly to select and master to perfection the tracks to play during their shows.

They hold a high value to the interaction with the public! They play many different musical genres and adapt the track selection to the direct feedback from the crowd.

The music style can evolve from Quality (progressive) house and club sounds to a more commercial approach, including dance and R&B, or any variation of the above.

What musical genres?

The way they combine live drums in a DJ set provides the opportunity to offer a high number of possibilities. Most shows include a mix of house, progressive house, club and dance music.

However dubstep, drum 'n' bass or R&B have also been successfully integrated!

The better they are informed about the expectations of the audience, the better they can adapt the set to climax of your party.

Their own favorite style is house and progressive house music. The long build-ups and breaks in these genres are perfect to add extra dynamics and energy with live drums.


The biggest show so far was the "Ghent Student Kick-Off" (2011) where approximately
15 000 students were dancing to the beats of 'Les Mecs & Drums'.

They also performed in some of Belgium's most finest clubs like Culture Club (Ghent), 
Carré (Willebroek), Fuse (Brussels) and Kokorico (near Ghent).

In the fraternity world more than 3000 students were dancing to their beats at the annual summer-break party at the Free University of Brussels (VUB) and more than 2000 classy party people heard them play at the annual prom of the prestigious Solvay Brussels School at Brussels Expo Kart.

For the summer of 2012 Axxis & Drums has been confirmed to go on its first international tour in Canada! More information coming soon!

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